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Monday, 15 October 2007


Thank you to all who voted for me. To find that so many of my fellow islanders support me, and to know that you cover such a wide range--young, old, rich, poor, middle-income, conventional (if any one on Waiheke can truly be called that), unconventional, etc--is a wonderful thing.

I am excited about the prospect of working hard on the Board and doing my absolute best. I want to keep faith with those who voted for me, I want to keep faith with the promises I made to the island, and I want my time on the Board, however long, to be rewarded with a better deal for us all. My personal style is to work hard and leave things better than they were when I began. God willing, this will be no exception.

Before the campaign I was passionate about Waiheke Island. But now having met about 2500 people, albeit briefly, during the last month, I am even more passionate. I love this place to bits.

I have met you in the street, where you live, on the commuter boats, where you work, outside the supermarket, over the telephone. I am immensely grateful for the way I was received. A few people had their grumpy faces on, but most have been what you would expect Waihekeans to be. Friendly. And interested in local matters. How interested is again shown by how many of us voted. A majority is one of the pillars of a democracy and once again we cleared the 50% with miles to spare.

Thank you again. Let the work begin!