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Friday, 20 February 2009


LOCAL GOVERNMENT COMMISSION: Media Release, 16 February 2009 {{with my additions}}


The Local Government Commission is calling for submissions on a proposal for the transfer of the Hauraki Gulf Islands (except for Rangitoto Island and Browns Island) from Auckland City and Auckland Region to Thames-Coromandel District and Waikato Region.

The proposal was initiated by a petition signed by over 700 electors living within the area.

In November 2008 the Auckland City Council, Thames-Coromandel District Council, Auckland Regional Council and Waikato Regional Council decided that the proposal should be referred to the Commission for consideration and decision rather than being dealt with by the Councils.

Further information about the proposal, including a map of the affected area can be viewed at the Commission's website (www.lgc.govt). {{The latest, revised version of the proposal, submitted to the LGC in January 2009, can seen at this address}}

Submissions may be made on any matter relevant to the proposal, including

* whether or not the proposal should proceed; and
* whether some modification or variation of the proposal should be adopted.

The Commission is also consulting with the affected and adjoining local authorities, the proposer, relevant government agencies, and iwi.

The closing date for submissions is 20 April 2009.

After the closing date for submissions the process is as follows:

* The Commission sends copies of the submissions it has received to the representative of the electors [1], and provides the opportunity for the representative of the electors to withdraw the proposal.

* If the proposal is not withdrawn, the Commission decides whether to issue a draft reorganisation scheme (based on the proposal or on some modification of or variation to the proposal), or not to proceed with the proposal.

* As part of making that decision the Commission will meet with the proposers, the affected and neighbouring local authorities and those submitters who wish to meet with the Commission. In addition, the Commission may make any further inquiries and investigations that it considers appropriate.

* If the Commission issues a draft reorganisation scheme, it invites submissions on the draft scheme.

* The Commission considers all submissions it has received, and decides whether to issue a final reorganisation based on the draft scheme (with or without modifications), or to decline to proceed with the scheme.

Further information about the procedure to be followed may be found on the Commission's website by clicking the 'Guidelines' button.

Media inquiries:
Donald Riezebos
Chief Executive Officer
Local Government Commission
Phone: 04 460 2241
Fax: 04 460 2201

[1] The representative of electors may act on behalf of the proposers. The representative of electors is one of the proposers appointed by the Commission to carry out that role. {{In January 2009, the Commission appointed Nobilangelo Ceramalus to be the representative.}}