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Tuesday, 4 September 2007


What an extraordinary idea! Fancy thinking that cars need parks. Everybody knows they can be folded up and put tidily in your pocket. Like handkerchiefs. So why ask such a dumb question?

Seriously, yes. Of course. Why should that even be a question?

Personally, I would prefer all cars to be powered by electrons (see my EStarCar), not the black stuff because the planet is of some importance, but there have to be carparks no matter what powers them. And the Council owns the land, so it should provide them. But the valley, thanks to the Resource Management Act, should look pleasant, so the parks should be combined with green stuff in a way that fulfils that. Which is not a task that needs an Einstein. Nor does it take an Einstein to see that two of the three carparks near the wharf are not well laid out. If they were, it would be possible to get perhaps twice the number of cars into the same area.

As I have said in earlier posts, I would submit every proposal to a simple question: 'Is it necessary and/or good for the island?' Carparks obviously are, and they can be done in a way that is good. End of discussion.